domenica 22 febbraio 2009

Anche ora che la luna, voce di Arnoldo Foà, testo di Beppe Costa

Arnoldo e Anna
Even now that the moon                               

Even now that the moon
what's it worth if when you were there
she was already gone.
Even now that the moon is here, you are not
and I wonder if even the stars are playing with you
like you and I still wonder if in the land,
where you willingly went there is the same moon and the same sea

Even now that the moon returns
if you perhaps return, you’ll return different
you won’t be with me anymore,
I no longer have light or stars in gone universes,
I often had my thoughts all for you

And I find no other, I seek in vain before
the moon returns while you're not here.
You are no more and 
I wonder if the moon plays tricks and deceives,
or has accomplices or tyrants of love,
that moon which is not there.
And I here, sitting before the threshold
and you, looking at another sky, another sea
where the moon which is not here
there exists!

translation of Karen Costa


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